2024 Rallye Glenwood Springs – Official Results

Thank you to everyone who participated. Please see the chairman’s email in the Posts section of our Home Page.

TSD Rallye Results by Class:

Full Tour and Tiebreaker Results


Tour Answer Key and Tiebreaker Solutions



Checkpoint Challenge Results

Car Show Awards

Featured Cars:  (All featured cars receive an award)

  1st place –   Ted Fidger 1974 MGB

  2nd place –  Jim Goodwin 1974 MGB-GT

  3rd place –  Neil White    1974 MGB

  4th place –  Richard Ellis  1974 MGB


   1st place – Eric Bergstrom  1959 VW Bus

  2nd place – Mark Frakes  1979 Honda Civic

MGT & Other MG:

  1st place – Lars Lynge  1949 MGTC

  2nd place – Greg Ralston 1952 MGTD


  1st place – Steve Jackson  1959  MGA

  2nd place – Richard Juday 1957 MGA

MGB Chrome:

  1st place – Curtis Allen  1967 MGB

  2nd place – David Magargal  1967 MGB

  3rd place –  Scott Wooley  1970 MGB

MGB Rubber:

  1st place – Ken Van Cleve  1977 MGB-V6

  2nd place –  Chuck Hassler  1980 MGB LE


  1st place – Bill Panos  1969  MGC-GT

  2nd place –  Phillip Coombs   1969 MGC-GT

  3rd place –  Charles McNeal  1970 MGB-GT

Other British:

  1st place – Bruce Biggs  1956 AH 100 M

   2nd place –  Russ Hulting  1970 Jaguar E-Type

   3rd place –  Bill Frakes  1973 Austin Mini


  1st place –  Dick Fritz 1957 Alfa Romeo  Giulietta Sprint

  2nd place – Hayden Schramm 1966 Volvo 1800 S


  1st place –  Herb Goede  2020 Mazda MX-5

  2nd place –  Jesse Shapiro 2003 Toyota MR2 Spyder

  3rd place –  C. Dolan  1994 Mazda Miata


  1st place –  Linda Gaylo  2002 Ford Thunderbird


  1st place –  Randy Biallas  1961 AH Bugeye Sprite

  2nd place –  Amy Kahn  1973 MG Midget

  2nd place –  Steve Kaminski  1979 MG Midget

Note: There was a tie for 2nd place in the Spridget Class


Special Awards:

Kumpf Best MG Award
Lars and Rozane Lynge, 1949 black/red MG TC

Bill Barker Award
C. Dolan and Inna J, 1994 red/black Mazda Miata

Hard Luck Award
Wayne Covington

Longest Distance (Traveled) Award
Rob Stevenson who drove from Lafayette, Louisiana at a distance of 1340 miles.

Diamond in the Rough Award
Lisa Ximenez and Richard Ellis, for their 1974 MGB

Hagerty Youth Judging
1st – Russ and Deb Hulting, 1970 dark blue/gray Jaguar E-Type
2nd – Eric and Melanie Bergstrom, 1959 mango green and seagull grey VW bus 3rd – Phillip and Mary Coombs, 1969 black/tan MGC GT