Rallye Glenwood Springs

Rallye Glenwood Springs
June 7-9, 2024
In conjunction with the Centenary
Celebration of the MG Car Company

The MG Car Club, Rocky Mountain Centre, is pleased to announce the 72nd running of the iconic Rallye Glenwood Springs taking place from June 7-9, 2024.   In response to feedback, we are making some significant changes to the tour, rallye, and awards ceremony.  We changed the departure point for the tour, we will use a GPS-based rallying app for your Android or Apple smart phone, and we made changes to the process of collecting Hard Luck and Longest Distance traveled stories, as well as in the administration of the awards ceremony.

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Registration Fees and Cancellation Policy

All-inclusive driving package includes: Rallye, Tour, Funkhana, and Car Show.

$94 until May 7th; $99 May 8th onward.

Car show only: $25 before May 7th; $30 May 8th onward.

Cancellation Policy:  Refunds will be given until May 7th 2024.  There will be no refunds after that date.

Registration for the event is now open, so don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to showcase your car and skills. We look forward to seeing you at the new and improved 72nd running of the Rallye Glenwood Springs event!

Register for the 2024 Rallye Glenwood Springs here!

Event Lodging

The host hotel for the 2024 Rallye Glenwood Springs will once again be the Courtyard Marriott. For those who want to clean off the road grime from the car from the trek up, we will have a wash area at the hotel on Friday and Saturday afternoons. We look forward to seeing all our friends, acquaintances (and their cars) to swap car stories and lies once again.

For out-of-town participants needing a place to stay Thursday night, some options are listed below.

Rooms must be guaranteed with Credit Card or Prepayment.

Thursday Night

A list of hotels for Thursday night will be provided at a later date.

Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night

We have special rates for the event at the Marriott Courtyard and Marriott Residence Inn hotels in Glenwood Springs.  Click the link below to book your king-bed or double-queen room. 

Courtyard Marriott - Event Headquarters, 105 Wulfsohn Road, Glenwood Springs, (970) 947-1300. Rates are $139 + tax per night for king rooms, and $149 + tax per night for double queen rooms.   This rate is also available for Sunday night.

Discounts are valid until May 8th, 2024

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Marriot Residence Inn – 125 Wulfsohn Rd., Glenwood Springs (970) 366-5021

Rates are $154 + tax per night.  This rate is also available for Sunday night.

Discounts are valid until May 8th, 2024.

Book your group rate for MG Car Club 2024

Hotel Colorado – Glenwood Springs – (970) 945-6511


Hampton Inn - Glenwood Springs – (970) 947-9400

Best Western Antlers - Glenwood Springs – (970) 945-8535

Schedule of Events

Friday, June 7th

It’s All Just Academic Tour

The tour departs on Friday, June 7th from a location yet to be determined, and will take you on a beautiful scholarly ride to Glenwood Springs.  Along the way you will discover some of Colorado’s more interesting and colorful academic establishments.  You may wish to bring some paper and a pencil.  Instructions are given out between 7:30 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. at the departure point.  The tour may be started at your leisure; however, we recommend you depart no later than 9:00 a.m. so you can be at the hotel in time to complete the tie-breaker questions.   As in the past, make sure to pay attention to everything along the way as successfully answering the tie-breaker questions at the end may rely upon that particular skill.  

Tour Classes

You can only enter one class.

The MG class is for all MG vehicles driven on the tour.

The Vintage class is for cars, including MGs, made before 1970.

The Modern class is for all non-MG cars made from 1970 onwards.

First, second, and third place trophies will be presented for each class.

Richta Competitor App User Training

This year we are using a GPS-based smart phone app called Richta Competitor Checkpoint to score Saturday’s rallye.  Richta Competitor Checkpoint is a free app that is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.  We will host a class on how to use the app Friday evening at the Courtyard Hotel in Glenwood Springs and will help participants get started on the Rallye Saturday morning at the departure point.  More information will be released as we get closer to the event.

Saturday, June 8th

The Richta Competitor TSD Rallye

On Saturday, June 8th, the main event will take place – the traditional Rallye Glenwood Springs, that departs from, and returns to, the Courtyard Marriott Glenwood Springs, our host hotel. Be sure to download the Richta Competitor Checkpoint app beforehand.

Registration opens at 7:00 a.m. and since we are using the Richta Competitor Checkpoint App, you do not have a set departure time.  This year’s Rallye is, for the most part, a traditional Time Speed Distance (TSD) Rallye with a few exceptions: 

  • There will be no traps and no surprise controls or creeping penalties. 
  • The general locations of all controls will be indicated in the route instructions.  Scores are expected to be low as there is a heavy emphasis on precise timing.
  • Time allowances are penalty free.  Rallyists will not have to deal with time allowance slips or explanations for the time allowance. 

The Rallye master has avoided hard-to-see signs and other annoyances to ensure a fun and challenging rallye experience.  An insurance waiver must be signed by both driver and navigator before departing.

As always, please bring a clipboard, pen/pencil and paper, stopwatch, and a well-read copy of the Rallye General Instructions based upon the Richta Competitor Checkpoint App. Also bring a charger for your smart phone that you can use in the car.  The GPS function uses more power than the phone alone.  One or more experienced rallyists will be available at the start location to answer questions and get you on your way.

The route is on paved roads. All assigned speeds will be at or below posted speed limits. There will be breaks along the route, including a lunch break.

Rallye Classes

Novice SOP (Seat of the Pants) – Rallyists are eligible for Novice class until they win a First Place or have competed in THREE TSD Rallyes. Pencil and paper calculations only.

Intermediate SOP – Rallyists are eligible for Intermediate class until they have won First Place in Intermediate class.  Pencil and paper calculations only.

Experienced SOP - No limit on experience. Pencil and paper calculations only. Rallye charts and tables are permitted.

Vintage – Any equipment must be period correct. Cars must have been manufactured before 1970.

Computer – No limit on equipment.

Participants are expected to properly determine their Rallye class and enter it in Richta Competitor Checkpoint. Failure to indicate your class in Richta Competitor Checkpoint will place you in Experienced SOP class.

Trophies are awarded in first through fourth places in Novice and Intermediate classes, and first through third places in Experienced, Vintage, and Computer classes.

Saturday Evening Social

Planning for the Saturday evening social is in work.  Please check back for details. 

We continue to coordinate with the Chilis in West Glenwood to reserve a space in their restaurant should participants wish to get together there. 

Sunday, June 9th

The event will wrap up on Sunday, June 9th, with a car show and Funkhana in Two Rivers Park. The car show will feature a variety of MGs and other classic cars.  The Funkhana is a timed, low-speed driving event that tests the situational awareness and dexterity of both driver and navigator.  Participant ages may be limited by insurance requirements.

The awards ceremony will also take place on Sunday, June 9th in Two Rivers Park.  This year we will start early with the announcement of the winners of the Tour, Rallye, Hard Luck Award, and Longest Distance Traveled Award.  An online form will be available to collect stories for the Hard Luck Award and Longest Distance Traveled Award.  Stories will be collected through midnight Saturday and will be awarded Sunday morning. 

The Car Show – Two Rivers Park, 9:00 a.m.

Sunday, Two Rivers Park, Glenwood Springs

Start Parking Cars at 8:00 a.m.  Cars should be in place by 9:00 a.m. Voting ends at 10:00 a.m.

We are celebrating the 1974 MGBs and MG Midgets this year.  If you have a 1974 MGB roadster, MGB-GT, or MG Midget, either chrome bumper or rubber bumper, please plan on showing your car.  We have a special award for you.

This year’s car show layout is the same as last year’s.  Follow signage to check in.  Details will be available prior to Sunday and volunteers will be available Sunday morning to direct cars to their parking spaces.  There will still be convenient access to the Funkhana from the car show parking area.

Featured Classes

  • MGT Series / Other MG
  • MGA
  • MGB/C Chrome Bumper
  • MGB Rubber Bumper
  • MGB/C GT
  • “Spridgets”
  • Other British Marques
  • European
  • Asian
  • American/Other
  • Premier
  • Featured Cars

Winners chosen by popular vote. Up to three awards are presented in each category.

Your ballots are in your registration packet. Fire extinguishers are requested. Car show classes may change based on registration.

The Funkhana

Start your engines for some unique car fun in Glenwood Springs! Sports car fans of all stripes will enjoy the 2024 Funkhana at the 72nd Rallye Glenwood Springs. Bring your car and your friends to the short course and have a little fun showing off your competitive spirit with your driving skills.

To make things more competitive this year, there are two Funkhana classes: One for cars manufactured through 1980 and one for cars manufactured from 1981 to present. Carve out a little time from the car show to see how you stack up against other sports car enthusiasts.   An insurance waiver must be signed by both the driver and navigator prior to starting the event.

Youth Judging

Two Rivers Park, Glenwood Springs

8:30 a.m.

The Youth Judging Program brings the world of classic cars to a kid-friendly level. The Youth Judges are guided through the show field as a group to pre-selected show cars and interact with owners, allowing the judges to learn details, history and fun facts about each. A simplified score card that highlights five basic categories and is rated on a scale of 1-to-5 is used.

Free to Enter! Kids 6 to 16 Years of Age.  Your youth judge will have the opportunity to view show vehicles close up and interact directly with their owners. Led through the show field by an adult guide, participants will judge pre-selected show cars at the Rallye Glenwood Springs. Judges will receive a t-shirt, hat and lunch. (Limited spots available). Go to mgcc.org to see how to register.

Special Awards

Hard Luck Trophy – A link will be open on our website starting Saturday, June 8.  Please check back then to tell us your story.

Longest Distance Traveled – A link will be open on our website starting Saturday, June 8.  Please check back then to tell us how far you traveled.

Diamond in the Rough Award - The `Diamond in the Rough’ award is given to the car with the `greatest unrealized potential.’ Cars must be capable of being driven to be eligible for this honor.

Kumpf Award - Awarded to the most outstanding MG in the Car Show.

The Bill Barker Traveling Trophy - Awarded to the participant with the best score obtained by combining three of the four competitive car events.

For More Information

Please contact the event Chairman, Keith Kerr at 303-827-6226 or email at   keith.kerr.2024RGS@gmail.com

Or visit our Website at www.mgcc.org

Register for the 2024 Rallye Glenwood Springs here!

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