MGCC Officers

Keith Kerr
Neil White
(303) 646-5717
John Fraioli
Rich Weiskopf
(303) 692- 9624
Membership Chair
Al Wulf
(303) 424-6830
Collector Car Council Rep
Dick Fritz
(303) 774-9710
“Dynamo” Editor
Greg Peek
(813) 494-5096
Tyler Hicks-Wright

The Rocky Mountain Centre of the MG Car Club of England, Ltd. was incorporated in 1952 in the state of Colorado. The Centre is affiliated with the National MGA Register, National MGB Register, the the Collector Car Council of Colorado and the Rocky Mountain Rallye Council. It sponsors a variety of events of interest to owners of all types of MGs and closely related automobiles.

The Centre is dedicated to the concept that skillful and precise driving is an art to be practiced and appreciated. We encourage proper maintenance of all MGs, including restoration and revitalization of cars that may have seen many years and miles of service. Membership is available to all persons owning or interested in MGs or other English marque vehicles. Prospective members are invited to contact any officer or member for further information, and are welcome to attend club meetings. Dues are $20.00 for the first year and $25.00 for subsequent years.

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