Rallye Info

The Saturday Rallye

Saturday, 7:30a.m. To 9:00 a.m.

First Car Departs at 8:01 a.m. from Two Rivers Park.

This year’s Rallye will be a traditional Time Speed Distance (TSD) Rallye. The rallyemasters have avoided hard-to-see signs and other annoyances to ensure a fun and challenging rallye experience.

A clipboard, pen/pencil and paper, stop watches and a well-read copy of the Rallye General Instructions will be helpful. Please visit the MGCC.org website to read the Rallye General Instructions and the Rallye Primer. An experienced rallyist will be available at the start location to answer questions.

The route is anticipated to stay on paved roads, although some well-maintained unpaved roads may be encountered. All assigned speeds will be at or below posted speed limits. There will be breaks along the route, including a lunch break.

Rallye Classes

Novice SOP (Seat of the Pants) – Rallyists are eligible for Novice Class until they win a First Place, or have competed in THREE TSD Rallyes. Pencil and paper calculations only.
Intermediate SOP – Rallyists are eligible for Intermediate Class until they have won First Place twice in Intermediate Class. Pencil and paper calculations only.
Experienced SOP – No limit on experience. Pencil and paper calculations only. Rallye Charts and Tables are permitted.
Vintage – Any equipment must be period correct. Cars must be forty years old or older (1977 or older).
Computer – No limit on equipment.

Participants are expected to properly determine their Rallye Class, and enter it on their scorecard. Failure to indicate your class on the scorecard will place you in Experienced SOP Class.

Trophies will be awarded in First – Fourth places in Novice and Intermediate Classes, and First – Third Places in Experienced, Vintage, and Computer Classes.