Rallyemaster Says this year’s Glenwood Rallye is Geared for Older Cars

Kemal Ouwerkerk is no stranger to rallying. He got involved with the club as a kid, and officially joined the MGCC, RMC in 1983.

I grew up around the club and the cars – it becomes part of your life. Over the years, I’ve written many rallies including several Glenwoods. I’ve written the Doc Morgan, and several others when I was a member of Colorado Area Rallyists back in the 1980s and early nineties. I wrote my first Glenwood when I was 15.
For this year’s rally – we’re taking a fresh look at the Glenwood, combining some elements that we have not seen in a long time, or for many rallyists, perhaps ever. So I’ve dusted off some of the old tips and tricks from the 50’s and 60’s, things that were done a long time ago, but have not been done for many years.
Since the TD is the featured car, I’ve written with that in mind. The roads that have been selected, the entire route, really is geared to vintage cars – the speeds are slightly lower, keeping people off of high speed roads as much as possible so they can bring out their older (Pre-1967) cars.
As we’re here to celebrate the Centenary, I’m mindful of the opportunity to look back – There will be come fictional and non-fictional historic elements to the rallye this year – We’ll recap those after the rallye.
As for the roads themselves – I’ve extensively researched the route – many of the roads I selected actually existed in the 1950s, so we’ll be driving on bits of history. It would be great to see some of the older cars on the road, giving people a chance to get out and enjoy them. So dust off the Curta and the rally tables, bring out their old cars and have a nice, enjoyable day. I hope everyone has a good time!
– KO